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First high quality cleaning and care custom OEM production base
GONGXI - 12 years of focus on r&d, production and management
Create six core advantages for you to tailor profit hot style
High-quality r & D team a natural selection of materials and sophisticated formula
GONGXI to the company's r&d department with advanced experimental equipment and a number of biochemical and hair dermatologist experts. The introduction of excellent personnel, First

With advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and excellent equipment, we guarantee that the r&d and technology of Gongxi will be synchronized with the contemporary development level, which lays a solid foundation for the realization of Gongxi as a cosmetics r&d and manufacturing base with industrial competitiveness.
Advanced automatic production equipment to improve the speed of supply, and effectively ensure the quality of products
GONGXI on the cosmetics factory has 8 automatic production lines, the introduction of advanced emulsifying equipment and water treatment equipment from Japan and the United States, rear sealing machine, labeling machine, ozone disinfection and other supporting equipment are available. The daily production line of cosmetics can reach 150,000 units. Can meet the vast majority of generation of cosmetics processing customers customized needs.
Strict quality control, safe and efficient
After 12 years of cosmetics processing, research and development and production, through layer upon layer screening, we have selected a group of plateau material companies with reliable quality and credibility to cooperate, and established a strict raw material inspection process to ensure that each batch of raw materials is qualified. In line with the policy of quality first, establish a standardized production system to ensure the quality of each product
GONGXI on the establishment of a good relationship with quality cosmetics raw material suppliers and packaging materials suppliers
GONGXI to the cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, Japan, America and other places to share the latest cosmetic raw material information, to ensure the compatibility and adaptability of product raw materials and asia-pacific women's hair, but also to ensure the product raw materials comprehensive, high quality and advanced. At the same time, congratulations on the establishment of a good partnership with the national cosmetic packaging material suppliers, to ensure the timely supply of packaging materials and quality assurance

Provide high quality OEM processing service for shanggan cosmetics brand
GONGXI for more than 1000 cosmetics brands to provide quality OEM processing services, customers cover wechat business, e-commerce, daily chemical line, professional line and other channels.
One-stop service, brand planning, related certificates for the whole process
GONGXI on the establishment of their own design team, brand planning team: customized brand for customers. From customer planning, design product line, brand trademark design, to product packaging mold development and design, packaging material proofing, packaging material graphic design, product material design, poster production and other dragon services. At the same time assist customers to register trademarks; To provide quality inspection and health inspection services; Provide a variety of cosmetic regulations, technical advice.
Raw material
A well-known cosmetic brand partner
Congratulations to the enterprise, adhering to the "fashion I set" mission of the industry, congratulations to the company began the road of Chinese national brand, is also the firm belief of everyone congratulations!
Congratulation has a strong market planning ability, product research and development ability and product production ability, constantly innovative thinking, accurate grasp of the market dynamics, to create the brand core value, starting from congratulation......
Guangdong Gongxi Cosmetics Co.,LTD.  We have been providing OBM/OEM/ODM Services for clients in fine cosmetics, hair care,hair color cream,shampoo  and shower gel(body wash) for more than 12 years.We are a comprehensive enterprise that combines scientific research,product development,manufacture,marketing and service.Our factory covers an area of 22,000 square meters. We specialize in designing and manufacturing all kind of OEM Cosmetic products. We can provide one-stop services including product design,package design,Formula selection and product manufacturer as per customer's requirements. Our annual production capability of Shampoo and body wash reaches 1,000,000 bottles .We have an R&D department with advanced lab equpiments and several specialists on biochemistry and hair dermatology field.We ensure good quality of our products. Our  GMP workshop is professional. We strictly comply with FDA standard. We sincerely welcome people from all over the world to do business with us and become our friends. Our mission is "Make life better"We'd like to commit to producing the best cosmetics and providing the best services for our customers."We firmly believe that Choose GongXi--Your right choice!
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From brand research to planning and design, research and production of product control management, value-added one-stop service
For offline agents, cosmetics chain stores, wechat business, electric consulting customized profit hot style
Professional focus/e-commerce wechat business/network hot style/cosmetics OEM/ODM
Always master the core technology of high-end precision, exquisite manufacturing technology and product quality control, with our professional services to help customers create higher value.
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